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Osteopathy and Dentistry

By dembones, Mar 27 2013 10:33PM

The importance of the relationship between osteopathy and dentistry can not be overstated. The face is a complex bony structure composed of a number of different bones, some of which are very delicate and intricately linked together in a complex way. All the bones of the face, like those in the rest of the body, are free to move very minutely which they do in a gentle rhythmical fashion. This movement is important in maintaining free drainage of the sinuses, and permitting the free passage of air through the nose. Trauma to the face may restrict the normal movement between the bones, and can have wide reaching effects in the whole body.

Most often dentistry is skilfully performed with the minimum of stress to the mechanics of the face. However, there is an important connection between the stresses resulting from dental treatments (such as tooth extractions, dentures and plates, and orthodontic work) and the types of problems osteopaths treat (clicking jaws, bruxism-grinding teeth, headaches, sinus problems and neck pain).

It is worth consulting an osteopath if you are suffering from pain or tension in the face, head or neck especially if in association with on-going dental treatment. A combination of osteopathy with dentistry can ease this process in the short term and prevent problems in the long term.

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