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At the age of 11 months our son was diagnosed with viral meningitis. It took the doctors so long to diagnose the problem that by then, because of the pain, he had developed a habit of banging in his head on the side of his cot at night, some times for hours on end and nothing we did helped.

Once the hospital had dealt with the meningitis (lumbar puncture) we were left with a young boy with persistent pain and irritation in his head. He underwent numerous tests and hospital appointments including a distressing brain test in Dublin. Nothing helped and we had a long period of sleepless nights and stressed days.


By chance, a friend recommended the osteopath Julie Ellwood and we had our first appointment two years after his meningitis. Julie treated him with gentle cranial work, explaining the whole time what she was finding and treating. She said that his meninges (membranes around the brain) were scarred and that was causing tightness on the central nervous system. Julie was gently loosening them up. We took our son home and he fell in to such a deep sleep that I was worried and had to phone Julie to be reassured that this was be normal!


Julie told us what to expect in terms of lengths of treatment, that it would be weekly for 3 weeks then once a month until things had settled. Following a few weekly sessions our sons’ head-banging lessened, and then he returned to sleeping without banging his head at all; the relief this gave him and us was incredible. He was then able to function as a much happier and healthier toddler.


We now take him (aged 11yrs!) two or three times a year for a check-up. Julie knows him so well at this stage that she can treat him easily and efficiently, helping him through all his growing spurts.

She has treated all of my family at some stage, with back /shoulder hip problems and has always been able to give relief and importantly, clear explanation and guidance for the problem.


I have recommended her to so many people with young children and babies all of whom have been very happy with her work.


Jo Lewis (Dromahair, Co. Leitrim).



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