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Dr Julie Ellwood I'm Registered Mark 5639



leone and jason's story

Julie is a rare and wonderful person. She has helped us at so many levels with her knowledge and skill. From my hamstrings affecting my back, to my husband back problems, and our two sons, she was never wrong on our diagnosis.


We turned to Julie when the doctors couldn't help when our first little boy wouldn't stop crying and couldn't be left down. She diagnosed him with suspected reflux and  neck problems and after his forst session with her 'massaging' his neck, he was a changed child. A few more treatments and we were heading in the right direction.


Our second son wasn't as unsettled but again I knew something was wrong. On our first visit with Julie she detected his tongue tie and tightness around his neck and shoulders and again she worked her magic. We are now on a great little path - pain and tears free.


From the end of a text message with her knowledge and advice,to fitting you in with an appointment as soon as she can when you are super stressed and worried about your family, only good words I have for Julie. Thankfully, each time we turned to her, or life would have been so much harder.


Leone and Jason