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I brought my eight month old daughter to Julie after 8 months of her crying in distress and spitting up every time we tried to feed her. She had been diagnosed with reflux but medication perscribed by the hospital was of no help.  At that time she could only manage 1 to 2 ozs of milk at a time and would cry while drinking it, she had also refused solids.


After the first treatment with Julie as I put her in the car seat she grabbed the bottle of me and drank a full 5ozs of milk. From that day she has happily looked for the bottle and can easily drink 5 to 6ozs in a feed . I brought her for a second follow up visit three weeks later and that evening when I tried her with some pureed food she ate it. She is now 11 months old and is thriving, we have no problems feeding her and she has developed a good relationship with food. I would encourage any parent whose child shows signs of similar distress to take them to Julie for a checkup.


Leonie Flynn (Collooney, Co. Sligo).

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