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E:  julieellwoodclinic@gmail.com

Dr Julie Ellwood I'm Registered Mark 5639



Both my husband and I have had great experiences with Julie Ellwood. My husband has been treated by Julie for back trouble with great success.


I myself, after the birth of our first child, attended Julie with what turned out to be a 'twisted pelvis'. Julie had no problem referring me to a podiatrist who gave me a temporary shoe insert which sorted the problem. Naturally, when I became pregnant with our second child, I enlisted Julie to oversee my care both before and after the pregnancy. I had no back or pelvic pain during or after this second pregnancy.


My husband and I brought our young asthmatic child to Julie, whose treatment was instrumental in improving the childs ability to breath and greatly helped in her recovery from asthma. Our child no longer relies on asthma medication.


Julie has also treated my mother and father-in-law. Her treatment caters for all age groups.


Julie has magic fingers and she can 'feel' what is going on. She has great knowledge and experience and the ability to get to the core of the problem. We are happy to recommend Julie to everyone.


Tim and Claire Kirwan


Co. Leitrim




tim and claire's story